IMAGE - A Vital Tool For SUCCESS


Dolly Kee

Grooming for Success

"Looking attractive in any situation is an advantage in almost any situation."


The hands-on lunch session usually ends up as a very fun practical session as it involves role play and learning by experience...

Picture this scene in your mind :

You are in the company of VIP guests at a posh five-star restaurant.  You panic, a million questions rush to your mind: Am I dressed right? Will I remember which fork to use for the salad and appetiser? What should I say and how should I say it? Should I smile without showing teeth or just a little?

Image is a powerful tool and projecting the RIGHT kind of image, be it personal or corporate, is vital for success.

According to Dolly Kee, director and principal consultant of Image Power, in a corporate environment, your image can give you the competitive edge that is crucial in ensuring success.  "People who are skilful in making good impressions generally command a higher degree of personal power, trust and credibility."

"Another vital factor is knowing how to handle yourself properly in your daily interactions with other people - this can help you achieve greater interpersonal impact. Ignoring these essential fundamentals of business etiquette and protocol could lead to unintentional offence and embarrassment," Kee said.

Some elements that affect your image include non-verbal signals such as your physical appearance, voice, facial expression, dressing and mannerisms. 

Kee's company, Image Power, conducts custom designed workshops and modules on a personal and interactive basis. At the moment, she is conducting 3 modules : Grooming For Success, Professional Etiquette and Fine Dining at Carcosa Seri Negara.

Under the Grooming For Success module, participants will learn the importance and impact of conscientious grooming, good business dress sense, body language as well as visual poise and deportment. According to Kee, looking attractive in any situation is an advantage. "An improved image means an improved self-image and this will boost your self-esteem and make you feel better, more confident and self-assured," Kee said.

Under the Professional Etiquette module, participants learn the finer points of good manners, business etiquette vs social etiquette, greetings and introductions and the proper use of cutlery and crockery.

The Fine Dining module will guide participants through a 3-course lunch session. "This particular module is conducted at Carcosa Seri Negara so participants can have a feel of the surroundings, " Kee explained. "In fact, this module usually ends up as a very fun practical session as it involves role play and learning by experience."

Participants emerge from Kee's workshops with improved skills of communicating more effectively through their image tangibles, projecting greater poise and personal confidence in dealing with people at all levels.

The Grooming For Success, Professional Etiquette and Fine Dining modules comprise a one-day workshop; however, participants may choose to do any one module or even all three.


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