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Corporate Grooming
& Dressing

  People who are skillful in making good impressions
often command a higher degree of Power, Trust and Credibility.

Is your current image enhancing that perception or undermining it?



Business Etiquette
& Social Graces

  Manners open doors that power, position and money does not. How to blend high touch manners and finesse with high tech communication.

Are you on par with your global contemporaries?




The Art of Fine Dining

Polishing your business dining etiquette is the pre-requisite for setting a professional business tone.

How confident and etiquette-savvy are you?



Power Confidence
(Professional Self Image)

  How well we carry ourselves in public is equivalent to how confident we are. For your outside image to shine, your inner image must shine as well.

Learn how to shape your own DESTINY :By Choice or By Chance




Presentation Skills

  High visibility tasks, when performed well, will serve to establish one’s professional credibility & competence.

Acquire high level feedback on your ability to manage profession/position-level expectations.



PR & Socializing Skills
(Creating the Rapport Magic)

  Being active in one’s own profession is fundamental to networking with other corporate professionals.

The contact that you make will serve as an important resource in establishing and maintaining effective career and personal relationships




Business Etiquette
& Protocol
( Part 1: Greetings & Introductions )

  Correct forms of address and proper introductions set the tone for every interpersonal interaction.

Where these fundamentals of Professionalism, Business Etiquette and Protocol are concerned, if you think education is expensive, try IGNORANCE! 


Business Etiquette
& Protocol
( Part 2: Formal Functions )

  For Senior Executive Leadership, a working knowledge of business etiquette and protocol would be their absolute competitive edge.

Learn to manage VIP- interactions more professionally at formal company events and receptions.




Image Power

Achieving a Professional appearance does
not happen by accident. Acquire the skills and behaviors that can influence others in a positive manner.

Ms. Dolly Kee





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