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What Our Participants Say…

"Dolly, Congrats! Thanks for letting me know that Image Power is collaborating with Reader's Digest as their resident expert. This is a strong recognition of Image Power, esp yourself. People trust the person as he/she is consistent in their behaviour and uphold the principles of life, and not flow with the wind. I am happy for you. Keep up the good work!"

Chair, Malaysian American Electronics Industry ( MAEI )
Governor, AMCHAM



"It has been a pleasure to meet up with you last month as we have met before many years before when I was in MNI. FYI, we have been very conscious now in adopting the lessons that you have taught us during official functions. In fact, there was a dinner at Shangri-La and everyone was trying to remind ourselves not to make any mistakes. Therefore, you have indeed created an impact on all of us who have attended your programme."

Vice President, General Takaful Division
Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd



"I have attended Dolly Kee’s courses before & found them interesting and informative. The learning is great and pragmatic and if applied under discipline, is workable. Because of the high standards she maintains in her approach to training, I would think this course is something to think about and send some of our colleagues who may have a need for such external training."

Group Life, Hong Leong Assurance
( currently Chair, Vistage (M) Sdn Bhd



"Dolly, You did great. Many of the attendees commented that they thoroughly enjoyed your session esp. your singing. Once again, thank you for helping us make this forum a success. "

Managing Director



"I thought your session at the DSA Conference was fantastic. I have heard similar presentations before, but yours had the successful balance of entertainment based learning. I was sitting close to the front but could sense the audience reaction to the logic and relative simplicity of the session content. This was confirmed in comments I heard afterwards.   Well done."

Executive Director
DSA Australia


"It was great to have you with us at the Bukit Tinggi Resort on November 2000. Your presentation on the topic " Impression Management Skills for CEOs  &  Spouses " was excellent !  I promised you group's feedback and I'm pleased to share an extract of their comments with you :-

*     Interactive & captivating presentation

*   Articulate & professional

*   Impressive delivery

*   Very interesting talk and thoroughly enjoyable

On a scale of 1-Poor to 5-Excellent, you were rated 4.3 for Overall Content and 4.5 for Delivery. This places you among the top-notch resource speakers that TEC Asia has used todate. Well done ! "

General Manager
TEC Asia Centre


" This is a short note just to say many thanks for the three very inspirational workshops you did for my managers. Judging by the written evaluations and the verbal feedback, everyone enjoyed the workshop immensely. I feel that the managerial group has been rejuvenated and their energies 'recharged'. "

Chief Executive Officer
Sunway Medical Centre Sdn Bhd



" The business vs social etiquette workshop was rewarding & interesting, especially those sessions relating to seating arrangements, introductions and protocol relating to the presence of  royalty and dress code. "




" A very insightful course, which is particularly valuable to employees who grew up in the traditional oriental culture and now works for international companies and want to succeed in the corporate world... "

Vice President & Managing Director , Asia Pacific,
ADC Metrica



" I have gained the awareness of the importance of having self-confidence in shaping your own Destiny. Highly recommended for all staff. "

Research Institute of Investment Analysts Malaysia



" Dolly's interactive skills are excellent. She clearly practises what she preaches."

Faculty of Business Management, ITM



" I truly had a great time and at the same time, picked up some really good tips from yesterday's session. You should see me today !! My shoes are so well polished and shiny even they're my oldest pair !!! "

Assistant Manager - TEC Services
TEC Asia Centre Sdn Bhd



" Congrats for being the most charming celebrity trainer! You are helping to make the world a much more beautiful place with more elegantly dressed men and ladies."

President /CEO
Mindbloom Sdn Bhd
Author of  "You're Creative - Let The Creativity Bloom"



" Many thanks for your informative, insightful and interactive session with our Sunrider Group Directors in Malacca recently. All the group members thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a totally new world for some in this group - especially the hard-core Chinese speaking ones!  We will personally give you an audit from time to time! Once again, thank you for your time and sharing your expertise with us! "

Organising Chairman
Sunrider Group Directors Convention



" This morning my boss asked me how was the seminar? The only answer that I can gave him was "Excellent". As I've said, never have I have attended any seminar that is so relaxing yet so informative and easy to absorb all the points presented by you. Honestly, I've really enjoyed the 2 days seminar and certainly am looking forward to my own personal image improvement from now on. And, of course like you have rightly said, "Knowledge + Actions = Results"! I will definitely ensure that I will achieve the desired RESULTS! "

Senior Sales Manager
KJM Aluminium Can Sdn Bhd



" A very interesting presentation with a lot of substance. I've gained a better understanding and appreciation of the power of a professional image via visual and vocal imaging. Many thanks for all you have done to give my sales staff a new horizon in their perception. I believe it can certainly help them to be better and more successful individuals."

Managing Director
Mega Energy Sdn Bhd



" Whenever we've personal training or orientation program internally "Image Power" is always mentioned to recap everyone's mindset to look good & project excellence ."

Faber Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd







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